Perpetuum Online introduces ‘bulletstorm glass-ninja’ robots


The battlefront of Perpetuum Online is about to crank it up to 11 — 11 new robots, that is. A wave of Syndicate robots is heading into the game, bringing a new dimension of combat. These bots will be smaller and more fragile on the whole, although those weaknesses will be compensated with lots of firearms and excellent signal detection and masking.

Or, in the words of the devs, “Syndicate robots are hard-to-hit bulletstorm glass-ninjas.” That sounds like it should be on a business card somewhere.

A dev blog handed out the specs on three of the 11 robots: the Vektor, the Locust, and the Ikarus. Players will need to master two new extensions to handle them when they arrive in the game. Speaking of which, the first batch of Syndicate bots are coming next week to Perpetuum Online, after which the remainder of the 11 will arrive in a staggered rollout.

Source: Perpetuum Online. Thanks to nameError for the tip!