Skyforge outlines the fight against Melegh in the D3 Distortion


The Reapers serve as low-level punching bags in Skyforge, but they’re also capable of being higher-order threats as well. In the game’s next major patch, players will be pitted against Melegh, one of the high-ranking Reapers and a deity in his own right. But you can’t just hop into the D3 Distortion and expect to pound on Melegh until he drops; there’s a much more ornate strategy that you’ll have to follow, starting by turning your swords on your allies.

Melegh moves back and forth between two phases of battle. In one phase, he separates player bodies and spirits, forcing players to attack the mindless bodies to keep their allies in the fight and weaken the boss. Once he’s accumulated enough Rage from these defeated bodies, he’ll discard his scythe and give players a chance to engage him in Divine form, thus opening himself up to damage. Read up on the particulars if you’re looking forward to the fight when the next patch goes live.