Grav takes steps to join the MMO club


What happens when you take a survival sandbox and start linking together all of its servers? You might actually end up with something that looks suspiciously like an MMO.

This is exactly what is happening with Grav, a sci-fi title in which players explore and exploit alien planets. Currently, the game exists across a number of official and player-created servers. Next month, however, all of the official servers will be linked together in Grav’s Reborn update, allowing its “astronauts” to play with each other globally.

“All official servers will be linked, creating one official universe,” the devs explained. “This means you’ll be able to play with anyone in the world without having to create a new character for a different server. Because of the technicalities with this update, we will be completely wiping servers. This means everyone will be starting fresh when the update launches.”

Grav is currently in early access and has a $20 price tag.

Source: Reddit, Steam

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