Peek into EU Aion 5.0’s new dungeons

Sometimes despite its best efforts.
While Aion’s 5.0 expansion, Echos of Eternity launched in NA earlier this month, Aion 5.0: Lost Memories will launch in EU on August 10th. Don’t let the difference in names confuse you; traveling back to the Tower of Eternity (the first moniker) is all about retrieving lost memories (the second moniker). And Gameforge is giving players a sneak peek into the new dungeons where they will be seeking out those memories.

In just under two weeks, Daevas levels 66 and above will be able to wind their way through the labyrinth of the Library of Knowledge, cut the strings of an evil puppeteer in Adma Ruins, prevent the Element Lord form gaining eternal life in Elemental Lord’s Laboratory, and try to weaken Beritra by defeating his devotee in Arkhal’s Hidden Space. Get a glimpse these new dungeons in the gallery below.

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