The Daily Grind: When were you completely wrong in your predictions for an MMO?

We turned out all right.

It was just about three years ago that I was looking forward to both WildStar launching and Final Fantasy XIV relaunching. Back then, I was pretty sure I knew which of the games was going to make a bigger impact… and it wasn’t FFXIV. No, I was pretty sure that WildStar was going to make a big splash, while FFXIV struggled to regain relevance after its initial tire fire of a launch.

For those of you who have no idea about how that actually turned out… well, first of all, welcome to the site. Second, it was the exact opposite. The last FFXIV panel I was at included cheering and chanting that I would usually associate with rock concerts.

We all tend to remember the times when we made guesses about the future and they turned out to be totally right. I remember some really great times that I nailed predictions down to the very month, but if you look at our 2016 predictions (including some of my own) I can already see places where we were wrong, wrong, wrong. So let’s celebrate making reasonable guesses that turned out to be wrong today. When were you completely wrong in your predictions for an MMO? Were you overly optimistic or overly dark?

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