Atlas Reactor opens up free play for everyone

We'll sell it by not selling it! It's the perfect crime.
The business model for Atlas Reactor has undergone a fair number of shifts over time. The latest announcement is that the game will be adding “Free Mode” for players who want to get in and play the game for free. You just download the game and play. That’s it. That’s all you have to do. You’ll have access to a weekly roster of playable characters and earn reward caches, and if that’s all you want, you’re in luck.

Of course, if you like the game and want to pay $19.99, that’ll unlock the full roster of characters, allow you to enter tournaments, play custom matches, and otherwise show your support for the developers. But if you just want to jump in and see if the game’s for you, you’ll have ample opportunity to do so just the same.

Source: Trion Worlds press release

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