Daring! Moonfire Faire returns to Final Fantasy XIV; the pose of a lifetime ensues!

Send me a group of adventurers with attitude.
The Moonfire Faire is returning to Final Fantasy XIV once again, but as veterans of the game know by now, these festivals never go off without some sort of problem. It seems that this year’s festivities are in need of some extra… let’s say attitude. Thus, players will be tasked with aiding the faire festivities once again to unlock fantastic prizes, chief among them being epic new poses based on sentai shows.

Six different emotes are available, along with a set of sentai-themed gear, an Orchestrion roll, and a new outdoor furnishing. Certain items from previous installments of the Faire will also be available for purchase, although we don’t know precisely which ones yet. The Moonfire Fan is warping in on Friday, August 5th, and heads out on August 26th, so you should have ample time for all the morphing action you could want.

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