Players dig up details on Lost Ark’s classes

Well, that's something.

We know that many of you are following the development and testing of the gorgeous MMOARPG Lost Ark, hoping that the Korean beta will some day lead to a western release. While we have no new word on that front, we did want to mention that some players have been doing website¬†footwork to suss out some of the game’s details, particularly in regard to its class lineup.

Steparu reports that Lost Ark has somewhere around 18 classes, although only some of those have been revealed. These include the Bard, Battle Master, Blaster, Berserker, Devil Hunter, Fighter, Gunner, Infighter, Warrior, and Warlord. We have to include a standard disclaimer that these may not be the final names or the official English terms.

Get the full rundown in the preview video below.

Source: Steparu

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