Wargaming to reward good behavior in new rule violation policy

Wargaming started August with an updated rules and violations policy that not only clarifies how violations are handled but explains how the studio will reward players for good behavior. Three months of trouble-free behavior from here on out could net 50 World of Tanks, World of Warships, and World of Warplanes players three months of premium time. Those who have no chat, game, or forum violations for a three-month period will all receive a token of appreciation (like Premium consumables or other in-game items) as well as be entered into the drawing for the 90 days of Premium time. Folks who avoid those violations for an entire year will be entered into a drawing that will give one winner $250 worth of in-game items.

If you’ve had violations in the past, Wargaming is giving you a chance to start over by wiping the slate clean for every active account. (Sorry, perma-banned accounts aren’t eligible.) After that, players will get one warning for violations before accumulating strikes and their accompanying restrictions. Then it’s five strikes and you’re out! Five strikes in any area — chat, game, or forums — can result in a permanent ban of that area. It is important to note that strikes do not roll off like previous violations. For those who have any questions about what will constitute violations, Wargaming breaks down sanctionable activity for you on the official site.

Source: Wargaming new rules violation policy; thanks to ThatLanteshGuy for the tip!
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