Crowfall shows off the power design for the Myrmidon

How now brown cow.

Crowfall‘s Myrmidon is the kind of fighter who attacks first, then attacks second, crushes everything to dust, and then asks questions of the smoldering wreckage. It’s an archetype built around significant destructive potential and rampaging across the battlefield. The latest design article on the official site covers the basic powerset and playstyle of the Myrmidon, walking future players through the mechanics of playing a berserk minotaur.

A Myrmidon’s first power is Bull Rush, a charge that also sticks enemies to the Myrmidon and carries them along his path. He can follow that up with a variety of attacks to deal damage, as well as thrown nets to immobilize enemies. At the center of his mechanics is the Berserk ability, allowing him to heal damage and channel damage taken into his attacks; the caveat is that when Berserk ends, he takes all of the damage he had been healing in one burst, which could easily kill him. Then again, when you’re playing a smashy archetype that wants to lay waste to everything, you really didn’t expect to live forever, did you?