Sea of Thieves video helps you get a handle on the game concept


Did you read our Sea of Thieves E3 interview and come out with more questions than you had going into it? Are you still curious how much of an MMO this upcoming online pirate game will be (we are too)? Then perhaps you’ll be satisfied to some degree with a new Rare video that seeks to answer the question, “What is Sea of Thieves?”

“Basically, Sea of Thieves is every pirate show and pirate film you’ve ever seen that you can actually play, that you can actually be immersed in, you can be the pirate you want,” said Executive Producer Joe Neate. “I think that’s the promise of the game for me.”

The devs did make a point that they’re shying away from the “massively” label as they want every encounter to feel personal. Their interpretation of MMORPG is, then, “Memorable Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.”

Give the three-and-a-half minute video a watch after the break and let us know in the comments what you’d like to see in this game!

Source: YouTube

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