Vindictus Eternal promises all of the hack-and-slash action of the title on mobile devices

Slashy slashy!

Do you love Vindictus so much that the thought of having to not play it in the waiting room of a doctor’s office makes you actively upset? It’s not like your doctor has ever been on time, and that’s valuable time you could spend hacking and slashing at a whole bunch of enemies. Well, good news: The game is getting a mobile port as Vindictus Eternal, offering all of the slashing you could want on a tablet. It’s not quite the palm of your hand (unless you have really big hands), but it’s close.

Vindictus Eternal sports a character-swapping mechanic to help you tag between different characters during combat, allowing you to combine multiple different tactical approaches. There’s no word on bringing it across the pond or a release date, but you can check out some early video just below.

Source: Steparu