WildStar introduces you to the evil pirates of Redmoon Rising


Call me Ish’amel.

Sorry, we couldn’t resist the opportunity when WildStar wants to talk about Ish’amel the Bloodied and Captain Mordechai Redmoon. Moby Dick puns aside, these are two key enemies that will be showing up in this month’s Redmoon Rising update, so it’s probably in a WildStar player’s best interest to get to know what he or she will be facing.

According to the lore biographies that the dev team posted, Ish’amel is a rather cowardly (and unsuccessful) pirate who nevertheless wants to be in charge. In sharp contrast to Ish’amel stands Redmoon, a terrifying figure with four arms and a nasty disposition who leads the Redmoon Marauders.

“Mordechai has never been the sharpest tool in the shed,” the writers explained, “so he traditionally relies on brute force to get what he wants in life. Since becoming captain of his own ship and crew, he has become ever more power-hungry and cruel.”

Source: WildStar
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