Final Fantasy XIV releases its first short story for its third anniversary

Just fight about it, that's the best answer.
It’s something of a tradition now for Final Fantasy XIV to release short fiction around the time of its anniversary. As the third anniversary nears, the first of four commemorative stories has gone live. If you haven’t yet made your way through the Heavensward main scenario quests, it will contain some slight spoilers; if you have, however, it provides an interesting look behind the scenes of incidents that presage the events of the MSQ.

Three more stories are planned, with the promise that they may well spoil more of the story through patch 3.3, so spoiler-sensitive readers who are a bit behind the curve are advised to be cautious. For everyone who’s cleared through things, though, it’s a fascinating look behind the scenes of the game’s lore – and in this case, it covers a character whom players have never met, but whose presence would have had quite an impact.