World of Warcraft shows off its Legion leveling experience


The leveling experience of World of Warcraft: Legion is going to be rather different from previous expansions, starting with the fact that the answer to “what level is this zone” is always “your level.” Yes, every zone, quest, and reward scales dynamically to your level, ensuring that you’re getting nifty stuff and appropriate challenges no matter where you decide to go. A new preview shows off the leveling experience for your character once you’ve finished the starter experience and are ready to take on the Broken Isles.

Following the starting scenario and your arrival in Dalaran, you’ll be tasked with forming your Order Hall for your class. Once that’s been done, you’ll have a map full of different places you can head on your leveling path, each of which scales for you. You can take on a zone and finish it out, you can take on a zone for a while and then swap to another, you can focus on reputations… there are a lot of different available approaches as you level, gather resources for your Order, and gain power for your Artifact. And it’s all appropriate for you at any given time, to boot.

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