Champions Online begins testing Shadow of Destruction update

Superheroes are notorious for staging spectacular comebacks after suffering defeat or even dying for the sixth time that week. So try not to act too surprised when we tell you that Champions Online has just announced that it is testing a brand-new zone for an upcoming release.

The area in question is the Qliphothic Warzone, a new endgame region designed for veteran players who aren’t allergic to grouping up. Packaged in with it are all sorts of new stories, missions, huge boss battles, costumes, and (yes) action figures.

“Shadow of Destruction brings us the Qliphothic Warzone, a new epic end-game zone set in an eerie otherworld where forces of evil plot the downfall of all creation,” Cryptic wrote. “Content is designed for veteran level 40 players in teams of 2+ players, 6+ players and 20 players!”

Source: Champions Online. Thanks to Majormike for the tip!