Dragon Quest X is getting ported to the Nintendo NX as well as the PlayStation 4


If you’re wondering when you’ll finally going to be able to enjoy Dragon Quest X despite neither living in Japan nor speaking a word of Japanese, the only answer you’ll get is still a shrug and a sheepish grin. But if you’re wondering whether or not you’ll be able to play the MMORPG on the next generation of Nintendo hardware, the answer you’ll get is a firm and affirmative nod. A recent interview with Famitsu confirmed that DQX is being ported to the Nintendo NX ahead of the console’s launch.

The interview confirmed that the port is being developed alongside the DQX port for the PlayStation 4, with assurance that the title will be released well before the planned launch of Dragon Quest XI. A new class is also planned for the game’s next major version update. So it’s no news whatsoever for the non-Japan contingent of the audience, but those with a fluency in the language can look forward to more console options in the not-too-distant future.

Source: DualShockers; thanks to Ekurisona for the tip!

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