The Daily Grind: Do you want to see more true mysteries in MMORPGs?


Last week, we wrote about Kharsek, the Tibia player who was pushing level 999… and almost able to enter a special door marked for his level only, a door no one but the devs has ever been through, which led to intense speculation over just what’s back there. Since then, Kharsek did indeed hit 999 and breached that door, but he’s refused to relay what he’s seen.

And people are pissed. He’s been accused of trolling the community, though given how he’s apparently been treated on his long grind, it’s not even undeserved. Some players believe he’s made it to a special island, and other people… well, they have no faith there’s anything at all beyond that door.

I feel like we’re in an episode of LOST.

As silly as this is, and as obscure as Tibia is, I can’t help but think these kinds of mysteries are one of my favorite things about online gaming in general, especially MMORPGs. I’m not sure I’d tell all if I were Kharsek either. Wouldn’t it be the worst spoiler ever? Would you tell? Is it better for the community to spill the beans or keep your mouth shut? And do you want to see more true mysteries like these in MMORPGs, even if they take decades to solve?

With thanks to everyone who sent the follow-up in!

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