Chronicles of Elyria figures out a unique approach to parenting


Settle in, boys and girls, for one of the longest development updates to date from Chronicles of Elyria.

One of the big discussions this week is a decision to lengthen the in-game “years” due to Chronicles of Elyria’s offspring system. The team put forth three principles for how the game should work with this: “Players must get 10-14 months of play time (with no deaths) per lifetime, any solution we go with must allow me to keep playing my same soul in each lifetime, and having children must have constraints.”

Another decision branching off of this is that babies will be born and grow up in the game as NTCs: Non-Traditional Characters. When a player dies of old age (or “other”), he or she can inhabit that child at age 15 for further adventures.

The team also welcomed a new web developer, Zac Rogerson, who is fresh from working on TERA’s site. The execs are also evaluating “hundreds” of applications for other open positions on the team.

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