Riders of Icarus holds your hand through the Cavern of the Veil


One of the toughest dungeons currently in Riders of Icarus right now is the Cavern of the Veil. Don’t let its somewhat generic name fool you: This is a nasty place that can chew up and spit out teams of munchkins if they aren’t prepared.

Fortunately, there is now a guide that walks players through the Cavern from start to end. The guide kicks off with the greatest encouragement needed: a list of potential rewards for running this instance. Players can obtain Corrupt armor as well as tame certain elite mounts such as a giant turtle.

The guide contains tips on how to approach and beat each of the five bosses in the Cavern of the Veil. One pro tip is that players should make every effort to save a certain NPC from being sacrificed, as that death will give the final boss the ability to heal itself.

Source: Tumblr