Life after death in Crowfall

So... who's buying?

What happens when you die? As long as you’re limiting this question to Crowfall, ArtCraft┬ásaid that players have a choice over their afterlife destiny. Deceased characters can resurrect at the graveyard for a large durability hit, fly back to their corpse as a crow and hope that it hasn’t been picked clean, or select a different vessel to inhabit at the graveyard.

This was but one of several topics discussed in a new community Q&A video. Crowfall’s devs also talked about walls collapsing onto players, blueprints for strongholds, campaign world embargoes, and points of interest always open for business. The team said that it also has made some of the stronghold buildings larger to allow for more interiors, following player demand for the feature.

Here’s your Crowfall trivia for the day: Characters in the game travel six meters per second.

Get the latest scoop on Crowfall’s development and design with the Q&A video after the break.

Source: Crowfall

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