Path of Exile makes prophecies permanent

Path of Exile makes prophecies permanent
If you’ve really been enjoying the Prophecy League in Path of Exile, you’ll be glad to know that the system is going to persist beyond the league. When the current three-month league ends, the prophecies will remain in game as a core feature, albeit with a few modifications. So that this system doesn’t overshadow future leagues and other game content, silver coins will be rarer and players will meet Navali in Act I instead of immediately. Another change is that Navali will be available to join player hideouts.

Before the system goes live in its permanent form, devs will be assessing and changing as needed any rewards to balance the power for the core game. Players can expect the system to expand with more content as time goes on.

Source: PoE prophecy mechanic announcement. Cheers, Davy.

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