Twin Saga kicks off its founder’s beta test


Good news for those who just can’t wait to try out Twin Saga: Aeria Games announced that the founder’s beta has started up as of yesterday. “It took us slightly longer than expected but we are really happy to announce that the founders’ beta is now LIVE. We took some time to fine-tune the various game elements in-order to present you with as good a version as we could.”

A producer’s letter discussed how this test should be seen as a closed beta with an eventual wipe at its conclusion. During the founder’s beta, players can check out some, but not all, of the cash shop offerings. The team also decided to preserve the Japanese voices for an “authentic anime experience,” although there will be subtitles available for those not fluent in the language (which we assume is most of you).

Founders packs range from the relatively cheap at $20 to the eyebrow-raising price point of $300. If you’re not willing to pay for the beta, just wait: The game should be hitting open beta later this month.

Source: Twin SagaTwitter

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