World of Warcraft hotfixes loot and item issues

It shouldn't consistently work, but it does.

The Burning Legion is invading Azeroth, Demon Hunters are showing up, everything is chaos and nothing makes sense at all. A lot of that is intentional right now. Some of it is not, and thus World of Warcraft players have already gotten a round of hotfixes to correct chaos that was not meant to be impacting anyone’s play experience. For example, Demon Hunter glaives were not meant to be dropping for classes that couldn’t equip them (i.e., everyone other than Demon Hunters), so they will no longer appear for non-Demon Hunters in Legion chests.

Legion commanders will now drop some Nethershards upon defeat, Demon Hunters will no longer be impossible to delete due to unread mail, and Horde players will be able to buy items from Illidari Darkdealers. It’s a series of minor issues, but the fixes should all be quite welcome by players actively engaged in the defense of Azeroth. Whether or not this will help protect the world against the Legion’s invasion in the long run is another story. Some of that chaos is meant to be happening, after all.