Riot Games sues the makers of League of Legends hacks

Well, points for effort.
Blizzard has quite happily gone after cheat-makers in court before, but now Riot Games is getting in on the act by suing the biggest maker of League of Legends hacking software. The suit alleges that LeagueSharp’s software disadvantages millions of players, giving players fraudulent advice, and providing means for circumventing proper access to servers.

As with similar lawsuits, the crux of the issue is Riot’s assertion that the software violates copyright by reverse-engineering the copyrighted game code. While the company initially sought to settle the matter out of court, it is further alleged that LeagueSharp was unresponsive, this requiring further litigation. There are also allegations regarding a Riot employee whose personal information was leaked by LeagueSharp, which is a rather serious accusation. It remains to be seen how these accusations will play out when put up to the scrutiny of the legal system.

Source: Kotaku

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