Worlds Adrift trailer showcases shipbuilding


Worlds Adrift won’t expect players to fly around in some standard ship that everyone else has. No, players will get to build and customize their own ships, and Bossa Studios released a trailer today showcasing the shipbuilding process. The shipyard mechanics include creating your own ship frame, and then adding personal flair with different parts and weapons.

Once the ships are built, players can then fly them into battle over the player-created islands in the clouds. In an interesting note, devs said that if your ship blows up over one of these sky islands, the remnants will remain on that island indefinitely and be can found — and salvaged — by other players. Check out the shipbuilding in the trailer below. And to learn more about the game and see some community creations, you can watch a livestream tour with the devs that aired earlier today.

Source: Official YouTube

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