Blade and Soul is making it easier to upgrade weapons


For those who are frustrated with Blade and Soul’s sometimes-contentious weapon upgrade system, fret not: NCsoft has heard your wailing and gnashing of teeth. The studio announced yesterday that it has grand plans to make upgrading silverfrost weapons easier than before.

“We’re taking steps to address this in our next update by reducing the evolution cost for Silverfrost weapons to require 30% fewer materials and gold,” the studio said. “In addition, we’re also introducing a new weapon path that further reduces the number of upgrade materials needed by an additional 50% in exchange for a new offering weapon, new upgrade material, and faction insignias.”

A chart showing the upgrade requirements before and after the proposed changes has been posted. NCsoft said that these changes will not apply to legendary weapons and that it will also be adding more moonstone sources to help with the acquisition of the desired materials.


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