No Man’s Sky addresses crashes and bugs ahead of today’s PC launch


Hello Games says it’s “working quickly” on issues with No Man’s Sky, including crash problems and pre-order bonus mishaps, like that that whole thing where using your pre-order bonus ship left you stranded on a planet somewhere. Oops!

“The number of people players, and length of average play session, has been far more than our small team could have anticipated,” Sean Murray writes in a letter to players this morning. Consequently, he says, the studio has brought in a massive new QA team to work alongside Sony; it’s also setting up a ticketed support system that’ll be live by next week.

PC players don’t have much longer to wait as the game is officially official at 1 p.m. EDT today — although with no pre-loading and a 2.6 GB download size, well, won’t that be fun.

As to the ongoing multiplayer bewilderment…

Source: Twitter, official site. Thanks DK!

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