LawBreakers returns to development following alpha


Boss Key’s CliffyB and Rohan Rivas star in a new dev vlog today rounding up the results of LawBreakers’ recent alpha playtest and offering an explanation of what’s next for the studio. In short? More iteration, more feedback, and more testing.

“We’re only at like 65 to 70 people right now,” CliffyB says. “Essentially right now the time period is back in the lab. So you’re hearing like [sound effects] hammers and drills and whatnot as everyone’s opening the game back up, opening the patient, kind of reoperating and retuning everything.” We’re glad he’s a game designer and not a doctor!

The duo have big plans in particular for the Enforcer, the Assassin, matchmaking, game modes, and maps. Expect to be able to play it at GamesCom too. The whole vlog — and a new infographic from the team — is below.


Source: Press release
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