Neverwinter details the boss encounters of Fangbreaker Island

Mechanics include not having fangs to break.
Dungeons are defined in part by their mechanics, and a good chunk of that is usually the boss fights. The next high-end dungeon in Neverwinter, Fangbreaker Island, is no different. But it will feel somewhat different than previous Neverwinter dungeons, as detailed in a new development entry on the official site, with a different set of bosses and a different design philosophy behind the boss encounters. Rather than using adds, all three bosses use phase transitions, new abilities, and positioning to create dynamic fights.

The first fight against a manticore will involve using the battlefield against you, while the second fight pits adventurers against a massive dragon turtle belching scalding steam. Capping things off is a fight against the giantess Drufi, wielding rune-covered weaponry and using powerful attacks to tear down the group. Check out video previews of all three bosses just below.