Gamescom 2016: Blizzard plans to show off Legion and new maps for Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm


Unless you’re living in some sort of video game-proof hole, you are probably aware that the mighty Gamescom is kicking off tomorrow and running through the weekend. It’s one of the biggest trade shows of the year, and so it makes sense that one of the biggest companies — Blizzard — will be making an appearance.

Blizzard actually has a great deal of plans in store for Gamescom, so many that the studio has created a Gamescom hub so that fans can keep track of all of the reveals, panels, and livestreams. The studio said that it will have around 500 gaming stations to show off its games. These include Europe’s public debut of World of Warcraft: Legion, Overwatch’s newest map Eichenwalde, StarCraft-themed Heroes of the Storm maps, a new Hearthstone tavern brawl, and all three Diablo games in honor of the franchise’s 20th anniversary.

Blizzard’s Gamescom hub has a schedule of the streams that will take place during the show, and the studio said that it will post a recap video at the end of each day for those who missed the action.

Source: Blizzard Gamescom Hub. Cheers, Siphaed.