International eGames Committee discusses e-sports championships and the Olympics

This is the way the world ends.

If you’re looking for e-sports at the Summer Olympics, you have your wish… sort of. The International eGames Committee is hosting the 2016 eGames Showcase in Rio this year, but a recent interview with CEO Chester King makes it clear that there is no cooperation between the Olympics and the IEGC. The IEGC wants to just make the point that e-sports competitions are not simply about money, showing off the best players and distributing medals for the most worthy players.

King goes on to say that he doesn’t see much potential for a future cooperation between the Olympics and the IEGC, with both organizations unaffiliated and the Olympics facing enough logistical issues without housing and supporting players for e-sports events. He does note that a Korean organization is seeking to affiliate the two, but the IEGC is not connected with that push. If you’re interested in the nature of the competition and the partnership with Hi-Rez Studios for SMITE, check out the full interview.

Source: Alist Daily

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