WildStar reveals the Redmoon Rising patch notes

This one may not overlap with that home one nicely.

The next big WildStar patch isn’t out just yet; you’ll have to wait until tomorrow. But you can get up to speed before the patch launches with the full notes to the Redmoon Rising update, as well as a recap of the story so far and the major features included with the patch. It’s not just the Redmoon Terror raid; there’s also new rewards to be had from Madame Fay with a retro feel and Glory rewards to be had from level 50 content.

Other major changes in the patch notes include various class and AMP adjustments along with the ability to send bound items to other characters on your account. The patch notes aren’t quite as good as having all of the update available today, sure, but they should help tide you over for the next 24 hours or so.