ArcheAge adds new events and adjusts regional event timers

It's official, I can't tell the difference between this and TERA now.
If you’ve ever had a friend living in Europe while you live in the midwest US, you know that there’s a really big time difference between the regions. ArcheAge‘s daily event schedule has been adjusted to account for those differences; as requested by fans, daily events will now run at different times for North America and the EU servers, allowing events to be going on at prime time in both regions rather than one or the other (or neither). It’s a long-requested feature that’s finally in the game.

The patch also adds two new limited-time events, tasking players with catching fish on Mirage Isle and defeating enemies in Mistmerrow. Defeating enemies with fish is not really a viable path, but you’re welcome to give it a shot. Players can also take part in the public testing of the skill queue system. It’s not a major shot in the arm of content, but some better event scheduling and more events to participate in should be more than enough reason for a little celebration.


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