Brad McQuaid: Pantheon will put the ‘E’ back in PvE


Time to feast on the bounty of a rich Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen AMA on /r/MMORPG, courtesy of creator Brad McQuaid. Yesterday, McQuaid tackled dozens of community questions during the event, addressing issues such as raiding, endgame activities, new early access packages, server rulesets, story experiences, and how (if at all) players can kill gods.

When asked to make the argument of what sets Pantheon apart from the rest of the MMO pack, McQuaid answered, “One could perhaps argue that the MMO market is saturated with single player oriented casual MMOs. At the opposite extreme, however, it is definitely missing any challenging, group oriented, community focused, social and cooperative games with a big emphasis on making the E in PvE really matter — making it more than NPCs but actually mean the environment. Players will learn to work together, classes will be interdependent and teamwork rewarded, and they will contend with the environment itself to achieve victory and to build up their characters.”

Some of the commenters pressed McQuaid on the past saga with Vanguard and how he is planning to avoid a repeat performance of the game’s shaky launch and early demise. One of his answers was that it’s important for the company to keep a “nest egg” to keep things going for up to six month in case of an emergency.

Source: /r/MMORPG Reddit. Thanks Dystopiq!

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