Darkfall: Rise of Agon shares its ‘big picture’ for the game

He's going to kill Rod and Todd! That's terrible! ...in principle.

If you’re trying to decide which Darkfall reboot might be best for you (assuming that you’re in the market for one), then Rise of Agon has a presentation that we think you should witness.

In a post titled “The Big Picture,” the devs list the features and focus that will shape the game going forward. According to the list, Rise of Agon will feature a better new player experience, a meaningful alignment system, diverse crafting, territorial control, robust economy, deep character creation, travel choices, and plenty of sandbox additions.

“Our vision for Rise of Agon is to reinforce player freedom in this dynamic, open-world sandbox,” the team wrote. “We are working on creating a lush world, teeming with valuable, regionalized resources, roaming creatures and strategically-placed player cities and outposts. Politics and large scale combat will play a crucial role in the territorial conquest of Agon.”

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