Lineage II offers players an item pack as a show of appreciation

In appreciation, have a glowing naked man.

Lineage II has had a nice long run across the world, and the team behind the game appreciates the players who have stuck with the game through everything. As a little way of thanking the players, the game is offering everyone a special player appreciation pack from now until September 14th. Every player can claim the pack for free from the game’s cash shop, but the pack can only be claimed once per account, so be sure to pick the right character to grab it.

Contained within the pack are a variety of items, including 30-day versions of the Rune of Bountiful Growth and the Emperor Shunaimon Weapon Set along with large quantities of no-grade Soulshot and Blessed Spirit Shot. Players can also benefit from server-wide rules through September 14th, including no experience loss upon death and free teleports. It’s a nice way of thanking the players who have stood by the game for quite some time.