Neverwinter’s invocation rewards change provokes gamer philosophy row

One of the changes PWE implemented in Neverwinter’s Storm King’s Thunder release was a simple overhaul of the Invocation system rewards. But apparently, that simple overhaul has upset some players. Here’s the note we’re talking about:

“Invocation now gives a Rough AD bonus instead of granting Rough AD directly. The bonus Rough AD awarded is moderately larger than what was previously granted as straight Rough AD. In general, Invoking while playing other Rough AD generating activities will see a reasonable increase in AD earned, while Invoking only will see a drastic decrease.”

Apparently, players would log in their fleet of alts, invoke their deity, yoink their astral diamonds (tradeable cash-shop currency), and log back out. Instead of getting free diamonds for logging in, however, players now receive a buff that increases their diamond drop rate while they are actually playing.

While some players argue this change is more in the spirit of the game and actually encourages gamers to play rather than just log in, others say that PWE encouraged the purchase of many otherwise-useless alts for this purpose and that it was one of the few ways people were able to play the free-to-play MMO for free.

Source: Official forums. With thanks to Dave.

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