Pokemon Go has broken five Guinness World Records


Gaming research firm SuperData has teamed up with the Guinness World Records organization to award Pokemon Go a number of records and accolades. According to the Guinness site, the game is now #1 in a bunch of categories:

  • most revenue grossed by a mobile game in its first month,
  • most downloaded mobile game in its first month,
  • most international charts topped simultaneously for a mobile game in its first month (in terms of both downloads and revenue), and
  • fastest time to gross $100 million by a mobile game.

All that and it’s still not out in some of the biggest countries in the world.

Notably, SuperData and Guinness say the game “generated an astonishing $206.5 million of revenue in its first month,” with 130 million downloads. It took Niantic “just 20 days to gross $100 million in revenue.” Not too shabby.

In other Pokemon Go news, cheaters continue to be banned from the game. So maybe don’t do it.

Source: Guinness
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