Gamescom 2016: SCUM turns prison riots into survival fun


It truly seems as though game developers worldwide are participating in a massive challenge to see who can take the most wild or ridiculous concept and turn it into a survival game. So just accept with good grace SCUM’s premise of a prison riot turning into an exciting (if bloody) struggle to survive for TV ratings.

This upcoming survival game will place players in the roles of inmates on a prison island where their raucous activities are being televised for viewers at home. By performing well, prisoners can earn corporate sponsorships and receive gifts to help them with their peaceful quest. If you want to make the comparison to The Hunger Games, nobody is going to stop you, least of all us.

The dev team is promising a more dynamic and intricate experience than has been in other survival games. SCUM is expected to come out on PC early access sometime in 2017.

Source: Press release, Twitter

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