Neverwinter’s Storm King’s Thunder proves it is also sick of summer with Cold Run zone

PWE has a quick Neverwinter dev blog out today covering the frigid wasteland of Cold Run, whose name aptly describes what you should probably do — in the opposite direction — upon encountering this zone. But we all know you’ll plunge on in because shinies, so whom’re we kidding?

“The search for the Ring of Winter brings heroes to the icy shores of Cold Run, a harsh wilderness by the Sea of Moving Ice. Its landscape of rocky canyons and frozen inlets is inhabited by monstrous creatures and as well as the frost giants and their orcish thralls,” write’s Neverwinter’s StrumSlinger. “The frost giant Jarl Storvald has directed the captains of massive longships to the shores of Cold Run. The frost giants have disembarked from their vessels and made their way inland. With the frost giants already in possession of the Ring of Winter, what brings their fleet to these bleak lands?”

We already went over this. It’s shinies.

Cold Run went live with the launch of Storm King’s Thunder this week. Don’t forget to enter to win our giveaway for a seven-day VIP pass!