Trove wrangles the Dino Tamer into its class roster

Trove has been cultivating a reputation as a game with a diverse array of pretty awesome classes, so there’s always that pressure to do itself one better with future additions. Trion Worlds has definitely upped the ante with the next class coming to Trove, the Dino Tamer.

That’s right: You’ll soon be able to play a class that wrangles and unleashes dinosaurs as part of its daily routine. The Dino Tamer has a few solo skills, such as a hunting dart and a clever snare, but the fun really begins when the Tamer calls a raptor,¬†pterodactyl, or triceratops to smack down the opposition. For the class’ ultimate skill, the Dino Tamer can summon a mount to simply stomp all over the bad guys.

The Dino Tamer will be part of a new prehistoric update that includes the new¬†Saurian Swamp and Jurassic Jungle biomes. “This lush wilderness is full of dangerous dinosaurs, deadly dungeons, and dastardly devils!” Trion said.

Source: Trove

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