Divergence Online brings a prequel survival game to Steam Greenlight


The Divergence Online project, a spiritual offshoot of Star Wars Galaxies, has spawned a survival game prequel that will lead into the MMO proper. This has been dubbed Divergence: Year Zero, and it is currently vying for votes on Steam Greenlight.

The devs said that anyone who’s already purchased Divergence Online will get Year Zero for free. “Many players liked our idea of a ‘modern simulation zone’ inside Divergence Online and at the same time, many players did not,” the devs said. “We listened and decided the best course of action would be to transplant this element of modern survival into its own game to keep the two timelines seperate and the result is Divergence: Online’s first companion game; Divergence: Year Zero.”

So what does Divergence: Year Zero look like? We won’t keep you in suspense long; a seven-minute gameplay trailer awaits you after the jump.

Source: Dev blogYouTube
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