Tibia starts selling XP boosts 19 years later


The extremely long-running MMO Tibia is just now starting to sell experience boosters in its cash shop, 19 years after the game’s release. The boosts give 50% more XP for monster kills, work for an hour, and can only be purchased in limited quantities. Along with these XP boosts, Tibia is also selling a currency pouch with unlimited space and a gold converter.

The developers attempted to stave off controversy in a special FAQ: “By now, there are numerous games out there which offer experience boosts without exhibiting a huge or extremely aggressive pay-to-win factor at the same time. XP boosts in Tibia are more of a time-saving convenience […] While there are players who dislike the idea, there are also players who would like to buy such boosts. Of course, the introduction of XP boosts also has financial reasons. Earning money is vital to ensure the continued existence of our games and the sustainable success of our company.”

Of course, what we really want to know is: What was behind that level 999 door?

Source: Tibia

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