WildStar’s second soundtrack album comes out today


The second volume of WildStar’s acclaimed soundtrack is now available to purchase. WildStar Volume 2 brings out 20 tracks, some of which are brand-new, even for fans of the game. Currently it is just available on Sumthing as a $10 digital album, although Amazon and iTunes releases are expected to follow.

Composer Jeff Kurtenacker introduced this volume: “The new tracks are narrative depictions of the Chua, Cassians, and Aurin, and musically tell the story of each faction’s homeworld and background before arriving on Nexus. It’s an exciting addition to the in-game music selections for Volume 2 since these are longer tracks that dive deep into the lore of the WildStar universe.”

So what do you think, WildStar fans? Could Volume 3 be in our future?

Source: Press release, Sumthing

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