World of Warcraft shows off the World Quest system


When you reach level 110 in World of Warcraft: Legion, you’ve got a new sort of content awaiting you. They’re not daily quests or weekly quests, they’re not bonus objectives, they’re not limited-time events, but they’re also sort of like all of those things combined. They’re World Quests, and they give max-level players a variety of things to do for a wide spread of different rewards. The latest preview on the official site gives a top-level overview of how World Quests will work and what players can expect.

A number of World Quests are available at any given time, with varying durations and objectives. Some will require PvP fighting, some will be world bosses, some will require your profession, some will be solo adventures or dungeon challenges. You’ll also be receiving quests directing you to various zones for each faction on a regular basis, giving you reasons to jump between zones and take on the challenges within a given area. Completing quests within a zone awards reputation with that zone’s faction as well as a valuable satchel of goods, so you’ll have reason to range all over the Broken Isles as you take on this new sort of quest.