Aura Kingdom is deleting inactive characters pursuant to US server move


Aura Kingdom players, heads-up: If you don’t use your characters, you’re going to lose them.

Aeria told players earlier this month that it planned to move its US servers to the cloud, and that virtualization is happening — soon. Before it does, the studio wants to reduce the data being transitioned, and that means it’s hiding and then deleting unused characters, defined as banned characters that haven’t logged in during the last three months and characters under level 50 that haven’t logged in in the last six months.

Characters that fit those two groups have already been hidden; owners are asked to contact customer support to save the characters until September 1st. Come the 7th, the characters will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

Game Master Mechium explained Aeria’s thought process on the forums earlier today:

“It makes sense to delete inactive characters before we move a great mass of data. There are many inactive accounts and characters. E. g. people who played for two, three days and decided Aura Kingdom or a certain class doesn’t match their play style. Many will never return. The character hide and removal has been announced properly and early, so all active and interested players have the opportunity to save their heros. You can’t play currently? You can post a message on a forum? Then you probably have the capacity to send a ticket to support and request your hidden characters to be unhidden.”

Source: Official site. Thanks, Amphax!
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