EverQuest II gives away free level 95 heroic characters and the Altar of Malice expansion


Fans of free stuff (and who isn’t, really?) are going to really enjoy what’s coming out of EverQuest II this week. Daybreak is running a couple of promotions designed to draw in players and get them excited about this fall’s new expansion.

The freebies start with Altar of Malice, which is now available to all players for no cost. To top that, Daybreak is giving out a free level 95 heroic character to players who log in between now and September 6th. This will only apply to accounts that have never boosted a heroic (level 95) character, and to qualify for the promotion players have to have an account in good standing prior to today.

Need more? More, you ravenous beast? Well, EverQuest II did launch an update yesterday that contains quite a bit to explore, including Fallen Destiny fabled dungeons, more zones converted to the level agnostic scaling system, and limited-time public quests. And if that’s not enough, this weekend the MMO is doubling several bonuses for all players. Enjoy!