Get caught up on Elder Scrolls Online’s fall plans with this recap


If you’ve been aware that there is a lot going on with Elder Scrolls Online lately but are a little confused about the specifics, ZeniMax has you covered. The studio posted a recap yesterday of all of its Gamescom 2016 announcements. Now you can read it and not feel at a disadvantage when chatting up fellow fans at dinner parties.

Among the recap topics were this October’s One Tamriel update, the new dueling system, and the ever-controversial lockboxes (sorry, “crown crates”).

If areas scaling content to meet your level doesn’t get you excited, what about holidays? Oh yes, they are on their way: “Holiday celebrations are coming to Tamriel, and you’re invited! Beginning this fall, you’ll be able to celebrate some of Tamriel’s most exciting holidays with your friends and receive special rewards! We’ll kick things off with the Witches Festival in October, and wrap up the year with the New Life Festival. Check back for more details as we get closer to each event!”