Master X Master’s next alpha test includes minigames and Guild Wars 2 stage


Master X Master’s third alpha playtest kicks off tomorrow, and according to the game’s developers, it looks to be a significant milestone for the game. Guild Wars 2 players, you might want to pay attention to this.

“We’re inviting everyone to come experience Master X Master,” NCsoft said, “including new European servers, German and French localization, the same great PvE stages and PvP modes, and a first look at the minigames mode and the Guild Wars 2 Ascalon event stage!”

Minigames? Yes indeed, there will be bunch of crazy stages to complete in this mode, including candy rush, jump rope, and bullet hell. The Alpha 3 playtest will run from August 25th through the 31st. To whet your appetite for this weekend’s alpha playtest, we’ve got a host of screenshots and a trio of videos for you below!

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